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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Two more days until my grading.

Time has gone by so fast. I remember when it was three months away, 96 days seemed like loads of time and now my counter says I have one day and XX hours. Makes my stomach hurt just looking at it.

I am not going to class tomorrow night so I can let my body have some rest before the test. I pulled another muscle doing those darned back kicks - I knew they were trouble!  So, ice and heat have been my friend for the past 24 hours - so far its not been helping, but hopefully within the next day it will ease off. I'm guessing on Friday a few extra strength Tylenol will be on the pre-grading menu.

As of today, I'm feeling OK. I just have to get through it, that's all.
1.5 hours of my life is but a blip in time - although when I'm in the midst of it, I'm sure it is going to feel like a really, really, long blip.


  1. Don't you hate injuries and aches and pains right before the test? I can relate. I did something to my hip when throwing a crescent kick on Tuesday night. All I know is that one second I was throwing the kick and the next thing I felt was what felt like a spike of electricity. It still hurts today, which is not good. And this happens right after my instructors tell me that I need to start easing up a bit so I won't get injured before my test....

    Have you tried Tiger Balm for pulled muscles? I have some and it works great!

  2. I've not tried it but at this point I'm ready to try anything that will help get me through the test with as little discomfort as possible - I'll certainly pick some up in the morning and put it on throughout the day - and also before the test. I'll probably smell like a medicine cabinet!

    I just hope that I don't make it worse tomorrow night - we are going to South Africa in a few weeks and I have a few Dojo's lined up to train in so I'm really excited about it. If I'm injured it would really be upsetting. For now I'll not think about it, otherwise I'll worry too much so I'm going to continue with ice and heat, tiger balm and take a few Tylenol before the test and hope for the best!

    I know how hard it is to take it easy - you feel like you need to keep training and keep sharp before the test, so don't want to ease up - but your body needs it. There is a balance to be found.
    I hope your injury is healing....I hate to say this, but... take it easy!

  3. Wrap or sleeve your pull for your grading - and add a little tiger balm or "heat" (Ben Gay or equivalant) if you can. The heat will help the muscle soosen and the wrap/sleeve will help keep the pain/feeling that something is not quite right at bay so thoughts of it will not interrupt your flow during your test.

    You will be great - seriously :-)