Martial Arts Blogs A Journey to Shodan: One.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


One more day until my grading.

Something dawned on me today. I realized that I have been so consumed with the date and practicing for the test, that I really haven’t given much thought to what it actually means or the belt itself. I’ve tossed the words Shodan Grading around very loosely thinking only of the process and not the fact that soon I will remove my Brown Belt for the last time, and join the ranks of the people I have looked up to throughout my journey.

Tomorrow night I will be a Black Belt. I’ll let that sink in when it is finally around my waist, but for now the test is still a hurdle I must first clear - and with this nagging groin pull I'm not sure how high I will be able to jump over the hurdle, but I'll claw my way over it somehow.

When this is all over, my mind will certainly appreciate the rest. Tomorrow will be just another day – not ‘another day closer’.


  1. We'll be thinking of - and rooting for - you!

  2. Two things. One, BREATHE! Two, kick some serious butt tonight! :D I'm looking forward to hearing about your successful grading, and a change from Rank: 1st Kyu to Rank: Shodan!