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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Too much information.

Why is it that after I miss a couple classes, the following class is always so frustrating?

I went away this weekend and missed Friday and Sunday classes, when I returned on Tuesday I experienced 1.5 hours of frustration.

  • “This is Godan, that should be a front stance, not a back stance.”
  • “Is that your back stance? It is way too narrow, move your foot out further.”
  • “Is that your back stance? Why is the weight distribution 50/50? It should be 70/30.”
  • “Look at your feet, your back foot is slightly at an angle.”
  • “Your over-rotation, is over-rotated.” Huh?

I only missed two classes! How did everything fall apart so quickly? I was quite deflated come end of class, so I stuck around and did some kata after everyone left to try to leave on a good note, but even then… “What was the long pause for?”

I understand the purpose of me being there is to learn, and if someone weren’t there to kindly highlight my deficiencies what would be the point? But there are just some days when it seems no matter what I do, it will involve a glaring flaw. Very frustrating.

Some classes you leave on a high, some you leave on a low. For me, Tuesday night was a low.
I hope tonight is better.

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